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Assist your buyer and seller with the  drain Inspection.

Los Angeles Sewer inspectionBuying a real estate is often challenging process involving visiting  numerous properties, dealing with the lenders, attaining pre-approval, putting in an offer and then having it accepted. When all is said and done, one of the most important aspects of the inspection process that follows is the plumbing inspection. Many times, real estate agents only focus on the home inspection when it concerns to their clients, yet the plumbing inspection can make or break any deal.

Knowledge is power.

A home inspector looks at the property as a single, general complex. It doesn’t take into consideration the internal workings, only what the inspector is able to see. While many new homebuyers will only be focusing on whether or not  the property passes this inspection, Agents with experience in the real estate industry understand that a sewer line that has problems could be costly in the near future.

These problems can remain hidden for a long time, especially from the eyes of even the most experienced home inspectors. That’s why it’s crucial that you, as a real estate agent, encourage your clients to also have the sewer line and the internal plumbing of the house inspected by professionals.

The slightest crack in the line can be a signal of tens of thousands of dollars in future repairs. A new homeowner shouldn’t be the one responsible for those repairs, but once the papers are signed and they take possession of the house, unless the problems are found through a thorough plumbing inspection beforehand, that is precisely what will occur.

It is commonly misperceived by homeowners that the sewer is the responsibility of the city when in fact it is the responsibility of the homeowner to the point of connection by the road. If there is a problem with the sewer line, a thorough plumbing inspection will locate it and be able to offer an estimate on the cost of repair. Some problems are minor and will only cost a few hundred dollars. For too many homeowners these days, anything more than that has the potential to force them to lose the home they just purchased.

Mention the plumbing inspection early

When you sit down with potential home buyers for the first time, talk to them about getting a plumbing inspection when they find the house of their dreams. Once they are thinking about it, the process will move much smoother from the home search to the offer to signing those wonderful papers. In San Francisco, there’s only one plumbing inspection company you need.